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Seller Financing and Dodd-Frank

Lots of Changes? Yes!                              Is it Over? No!

Let Us Keep You In Compliance
Anywhere in Texas!

WE ARE NOW TRID Compliant!!!

Since the 2010 implementation of the S.A.F.E. Act, we have offered a low flat fee origination service for owner/seller financed transactions in Texas. Since that time, we have originated over 30 owner/seller financed transactions per month for investors and owners across Texas. We have enabled a lot of Real Estate investors to stay compliant and continue their business as usual. 

Now comes the Dodd-Frank rules and regulations that change again the scope and nature of home mortgages.

“I have had nothing but a positive experience with Texas Mortgage Capital! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I even received calls back after hours which is typically unheard of. They walked me through every process and answered all my questions in a way I could clearly understand. Would definitely work with again!”

San Antonio, TX

Are the rules going to kill your business? Not Hardly!

We have a solution:

We are expanding our low flat fee origination service to accommodate all of the compliance issues of the new laws. As licensed originators, we have the responsibility to ensure all transactions we originate are in full compliance. Our records are audited!

To fully comply with the Dodd-Frank provisions and to keep our client investors fully compliant with the law, we offer a one-stop origination service that includes the following:

• Application taken under our license

• Verification and documentation of income/assets

• State and National Disclosures to fit the mortgage

• Analysis of loan terms to ensure compliance

• Review of Warranty Deed

• Preparation of Note and Deed of Trust and other closing documents

• TMCC is the licensed lender in the transaction

• Preparation of final TRID Closing Disclosure for compliance

• Preparation and execution of a Transfer of Lien and allonge back to the investor

• Complete loan package forwarded to investor

“We have had the pleasure of working with Texas Mortgage Capital for over 3 years now. Over the years, we have had great success in helping our clients work with over 20 Owner Financed loans. Texas Mortgage Capital has been instrumental in being sure the correct compliance procedures are followed. We represent several landowners who needed a compliance vehicle, and they could not be happier with what we have found. The process is streamlined and the staff at Texas Mortgage Capital makes the process an easy one from start to finish!”

Stephen A. Gault
Broker/Owner, Country Land Properties
Vidor, TX

Low Cost Flat Fee:

(Typically paid by borrower as a closing cost)

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(Assumes a title company involved in the transaction)

If a title company is not involved in the transaction, we offer the following additional services:

  • Transaction closing
  • Preparation of the Closing Disclosure and TRID documents
  • Recording of documents in the County of property                

   Low Cost Combined Fee:

(Typically paid by borrower as a closing cost)
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We Can Accommodate “Wraps” and "Sub-to's"

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“I’m a real estate investor in Lubbock and I’ve used Texas Mortgage for over 150 transactions in the last 3 years. Texas Mortgage has been tremendously helpful in building my business and servicing my loans. I highly recommend Texas Mortgage to investors and owner financing lenders. Fast and friendly.”

David F.
Lubbock, TX


“Cannon Light Enterprises, LLC, is a mid-size, family owned real estate investment company in Abilene, Texas. About a year ago, we were excited to discover Texas Mortgage Capital out of San Antonio. Now, Texas Mortgage Capital is our go-to company to originate loan for our seller financed homes. The Texas Mortgage Capital staff is professional, they answer any questions that arise quickly and efficiently, and they continuously bring the sale to close in record time, usually 7-10 days after receiving the required paperwork. Plus, their sister company SecureNet, services the loans at no cost to us. We at Canon Light Enterprises, LLC, recommend Texas Mortgage Capital as a top rated loan Originator.”

Karen L.
Managing Member of Canon Light Enterprises

“Wild Lions LLC has been working with Texas Mortgage Capital since 2015. We Do 5-6 Seller financed transactions sales per year and TMC has been invaluable at keeping us in compliance with the constantly changing federal regulations. Everyone I have worked with there has been incredibly prompt and professional with both me and my buyers. On the one occasion we had to foreclose on a note they originated, everything went off without issue. I would not hesitate to recommend Texas Mortgage Capital to anyone considering doing a seller financed transaction.”

Ryan S.
President, Wild Lions LLC