Texas Mortgage Notes For Sale

Texas Mortgage Notes For Sale

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Texas Mortgage Notes For Sale

mortgage note for sale

Looking to buy mortgage notes for sale? You’re not alone! Many Americans are looking for a way to increase their income but not at the price of their time or energy. We hear time and time again that real estate is a great investment, but most of us don’t have the time for managing tenants, on-site repairs, and the day-to-day details of being a landlord. Instead, investors in the know are turning to mortgage notes as a lucrative passive income option.

Real estate notes (or mortgage notes) are passive investments that can provide high yields without all of the work. The promise of a steady monthly income without the headache of hands-on real estate management is one of the many reasons that real estate investors choose this option.

Texas Mortgage Capital is a real estate solutions company based out of San Antonio. We’re a family-owned business with a focus on buying and selling private mortgage notes in Texas. If you are interested in intelligently investing and diversifying your portfolio outside of the stock market, we have mortgage notes for sale. Contact us today at (210) 493-5300 to find out if real estate notes are the right option for you.

What Is A Mortgage Note?

When you purchase a mortgage note, you are loaning money to a borrower who will utilize your capital to purchase or add value to a piece of real estate. The note legally establishes a relationship between the lender and the borrower, including the terms such as the monthly payment, late fees, and other information. By purchasing a mortgage note, you have the same rights as any regular lender, meaning you will receive monthly payments from the borrower but don’t have any ownership rights over the property itself. But that also means you are not responsible for any upkeep or management. That is why mortgage note investing is considered a straightforward way to create a lucrative passive income without the hassle of dealing with a standard real estate investment property.  

If you have ever owned a home, you may not have realized that your mortgage note rarely stays with the original lender. It is common practice for lenders to sell the debt and the corresponding contracts to investors at a discount to get them off the books. This practice provides those in the know with a fantastic opportunity to invest. At Texas Mortgage Capital, we have created a diverse portfolio for interested investors to choose from by purchasing notes from private owners, commercial lenders, etc., in Texas and across the country.

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Mortgage Note Investing

mortgage notes for sale

Investing in a mortgage note provides you with a promissory note that is used exclusively in real estate transactions. It is a legally binding document that represents the borrower’s promise to the note holder that they will repay the note according to the terms of the loan. Mortgage notes are not listed in the public record but are nonetheless legally binding documents.

If you are new to real estate note investments, you may be wondering if your money is secure. Since your investment is backed by a mortgage note, you have a legal document that gives the lender control over the terms of the loan. This includes the option to foreclose on the property in case of the borrower defaults on the loan, giving you an extra measure of security on your investment. The property is your collateral that serves to protect your money. From this secured loan, you will receive monthly interest from the borrower while getting to remain completely hands-off on the property.

Mortgage note investing is great for developers whose real estate purchases aren’t covered by traditional lenders, as well as those looking to expand and improve their businesses, homes, etc. Real estate notes have become a wonderful alternative source of financing for home and commercial owners of all kinds. They get the money they need to invest or update their properties, while you – the buyer – gain a passive monthly income in the form of principal and interest repayments.

Best of all, mortgage notes are a perfect long-term strategy for investors who prefer the option to sell at any time “just in case”. Once the borrower signs the note, the lender holds the paper until the final loan repayment. This means that real estate notes can be held by the investor for the full length of the loan, or resold at any time and for any reason. So long as the loan remains outstanding, you have an attractive and flexible form of investment.

Real Estate Notes For Sale

At Texas Mortgage Capital, we specialize in Single Family and Land mortgage notes for sale at attractive yields. We are one of the only hassle-free Texas note buyers in the San Antonio area that specializes in local notes. Because we have a variety of investment options, we guarantee that we can find the right option for you. You can even buy mortgage notes online with our streamlined purchasing system.

Our real estate note options include:

  • Real Estate Notes (in Texas and other states as well!)
  • Promissory Notes
  • Secured Notes
  • Land Contract Notes
  • Owner Financed Notes 
  • Performing and Non-Performing First Mortgages
  • Performing and Non-Performing Second Mortgages
  • Business Notes
  • Commercial Notes
  • Partial Notes
mortgage notes for sale

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Investors Buying A Mortgage Note

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Why Work With Texas Mortgage Capital?

Texas Mortgage Capital is a private mortgage note buyer and seller in San Antonio. We buy notes in Texas and all across the United States! If you’re looking for a well-known and reliable company with creative investment options, connect with us to chat. We are experts at buying and selling mortgage notes in Texas.

Ready to diversify your investment portfolio? Interested in buying mortgage notes for sale? Real Estate Trust Deeds with servicing intact may be just the option you’re looking for! Diversify your investments while also adding passive income with high yields to your portfolio. We are professional note buyers and sellers with a unique service that provides multiple options for investing in real estate notes. We take pride in being local to San Antonio, and we are always looking for ways to contribute positively to our community. This commitment to community is reflected in every transaction.

If you are interested in learning more about your options for buying real estate notes across the country, call us at (210) 493-5300 or submit your information through the short form on this page. Get the process started today to gain a passive investment income with no sweat or hassle!

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