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If you are needing a home improvement loan for construction on your primary residence or investment property, you need our service. We work directly with clients or, if you are a builder or remodeling contractor, we would be pleased to assist your client on your behalf. Home Improvement loans are more difficult these days, however, our approval process is fast and easy and probably includes items that are readily avaialble to you. We offer competitive rates and fast turn around times so that you can get started on your remodel as quickly as possible.


Can you do a Home Improvement loans for spec houses? No, our loans are for remodeling a residences property that you already own.

How does the process work? You would contact us prior to your contractor completing your bid or construction plans so that we may determine how much loan you can qualify for. Based upon your approval, plans and specifications and permits if required, can go forward with your contractor so that a construction contract can be finalized. After all legal work has been completed, work on your project can begin. When completed, your contractor can be paid from our loan.

Do I have to have perfect credit to obtain a loan? We specialize in making home improvement loans to those with less than stellar credit. We look to your equity in the home as well as your ability to repay, but most credit issues can be dealt with.

What if iI have liens on my property? Our loan must be in a first lien position.  This means that generally you will own your home free and clear. If you have federal or state tax liens or judgments, we may be able to pay those off and add them to your Home Improvement Loan.

Do I have to make payments during the time of the construction? No, you would make payments on the loan based upon initial terms beginning after construction is complete and accepted.

What is the interest rate on a Home Improvement loan? Interest rates fluctuate and depend upon your credit profile and equity in the project. Rates are low at the present time. Please call for current rates.

How long does it take to complete the home Improvement Loan approval process? Usually about two weeks if you have all of the supporting documentation readily available.

What documentation is required? We will need completed plans and specifications, cost estimates or builder bids,and your personal financial data. For a complete list of items needed, please contact us at 210-493-5300 or email fred@txmortgage.com and we will forward a checklist to you.

Is an appraisal required? No, but we will do a title search to determine existing liens against your home.

What geographical area do you cover? We are licensed to originate loans anywhere in Texas, however for Home Improvement loans we are limited to the San Antonio area and a 30-40 mile radius.

How long has your company been in business? We have been in the mortgage business since 1992. Official licensing started in 2000. We have been licensed mortgage originators since that time.

How can I get more information? Please contact us at the phone number below, or, fill out our easy contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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